Yee Jin Sha

Yee Jin graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL) in July 2014.
Yee’s approach to design involves presenting abstract issues in the form of hypothetical vision through familiar images and text. This approach uses a common language within the context of everyday life in an open visual narrative, by slightly distorting or disrupting the matter but not losing its truth. The final design could be a paradoxical exaggeration of conventions, a subversion of “good taste”, or openness towards an aesthetic fiction.
Yee feels that design should be understandable and also relevant to other fields beyond graphic design.


Medistation: This installation is about digital cultures playing a central role in our daily lives. We are territoralized by multimedia machines, guided by technologies. This is a depiction about faulty perceptions, a withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. Technology has eroded the former distinctions between work and leisure, public and private. In this project we took connectivity away from them, what becomes now is an object, an image that could still provide us a sense of tranquility, security and belonging. To say something about nothing — about words, and information, and connectivity going away.

We made a mac’book, a physical scroll bar, a painted iPod and a fake wooden TV that is called realitv.

Client: Show Up / agency: Shine Visual Lab / Format: Prints, paint on canvas and wood, mp3 players / Year: 2015 / credits: Pim Piët

Newsletter proposal for Conny Janssen Dance in Rotterdam

Year: 2013

Is this bo(ok)?: ‘Is this (bo)ok’ is a project to experiment with the medium and experience of a book. We often have books that end up on our shelves collecting dusts. But by elongating a page from the book, it rolls out and now becomes another space for communication. Why not have a book that could function as a kind of displayed aesthetic too?

Year: 2014