Yap Weng Nam

Weng Nam is a graphic designer and artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He finished his B.A. in Graphic Design at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2012.
Weng’s strength lies in his ability to produce solutions that push creative limits, while keeping the client’s objectives in mind. His work experience in The Hague (the Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain) and Prague (Czech Republic) has helped him gain a unique approach to design– one that challenges the norm and celebrates experimentation.
He has won various international awards including the Young Talent Award at Fontanel Finals 2012, the Youngblood Award at Gogbot Festival 2012, and the European Design Awards 2014. His works have been featured in several publications across  Europe and Asia, and exhibited in Spike Island (Bristol, UK), Le Commun (BAC)(Geneva, Switzerland), A+A Slovenian Exhibition Centre (Venice, Italy), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung, Taiwan) and Tenjinyama Art Studio (Hokkaido, Japan). His first solo exhibition will be held at CAI02 gallery at Hokkaido in year 2016.



Show Up Brand Refinement: Show Up is a boutique photography studio that specializes in fashion photography. The initial idea of Show Up is that fashion photographers are always there at the show to capture the peak of fashion. The 60’s optical art movement and refraction of light work together to create synergy that reflects both fashion and photography. Using the optical art’s emphasis on lines and sharp contrasts coupled with how light refraction transforms pure white light into the entire spectrum of colour, the new Show Up design expresses how photography captures trends and refracts it into the beauty of fashion.

Client: Show Up / agency: Shine Visual Lab / Format: branding / Year: 2014 / project director: Tan Wee Bing

Graphics Speak Process Book: ‘Graphics Speak’ is about translating visual elements to sound, as it consists of a collection of patterns that can be turned into audible experience. Each archetype has its own harmonious composition made by mixing them on a turntable. The installation is contextualized within a darkroom, by broadcasting live video recording of the graphics on an analog television, where the transmitted electromagnetic waves are translated into sound through using a sensor. Therefore in this case, what you hear is what you see. In the exhibition, it also contains the process and various experiments of visualizing sound and vice versa.

self initiated project / Format: Audio-visual Installation / Year: 2012

Shizuku Tokei 雫時計: A sound installation inspired by the ice pillar and ice candle culture from Hokkaido. ‘Shizuku Tokei’ (雫時計, ‘The Dripping Clock’) was named, as the ice takes its own time to melt, generating a rhythm over which there is no control besides the warmth of nature. Time never runs backward, as if an event often change a person, but a person is not able to change past event.

Self-Initiated Project / FORMAT: Sound Installation / Year: 2015 / Supported by: Tenjinyama Art Studio

Exotic Tempatan Mix: A poster questioned the identity of Malaysian, hereby the Malaysian’s prestigious local food – ‘Rojak’ is selected as the nearest interpretation. As a Malaysian born Chinese, unquestionably I am rooted and raised in a multiracial atmosphere, just like ‘Rojak’ as a metaphor, various pieces of local fruits (races) in the ‘Rojak’ are all well blended into a certain form with other materials, and importantly the exotic sauce, which harmonize the ‘Rojak’ and meanwhile it can never be deconstructed. This is the taste of Malaysia to me.

Self initiated project / FORMAT: Poster Design / Year: 2013

Graphics Speak Process Book: A publication documented all the attempts, experiments and the process of the sound installation project ‘Graphics Speak’.

self initiated project / Format: book design / Year: 2012