Sarah Tan


Sarah Tan is a designer born and based in Singapore. Her work revolves around branding, art direction, packaging, editorial, graphic design, print, infographics, and web interfaces.
She graduated from Temasek Design School, Temasek Polytechnic in 2008 with a Diploma in Visual Communication. After graduation, Sarah worked in Yellow Octopus where her fascination with logos and branding developed further. In 2013, she started freelancing for Bravo and Equus.

Mild Whistle: Self-initiated project for self branding. Mild Whistle’s new identity stems from a paradox effect surrounded by a combination of funk layering beyond formality. Like a gentle thunder – where two opposites or complexities bring about the designer’s works as is; being louder than what the designer intends.

The identity broadens with usage of letterpress accompanied by glamour with modernism. This is created with the intertwining between bronze and a soft tone of turquoise. The play of metal tones and pieces with cotton represent the designer’s ideologies of art direction and design.

Self Initiated Project / STUDIO: Oddds / Format: Name Card, Envelopes, Tote Bag / YeaR: 2014
Later on, along with Reinold Lim, she co-founded Oddds – a design platform to convert the duo’s almost similar design and aesthetic methodologies into experiments. Their work tends to reflect significantly on behaviors and futurism.
Sarah believes that design is a craft that needs to be unfolded and molded, and that the balance of aesthetics and relevance would bring about the most in meaningful subtleties.

Amber: Amber, is a new brand identity and bottle packaging that envelops a blend of rustic folkish contemporary for a honey brand – nestled with dark greys, whites and yellowish browns.

The ideation behind it is extracted from the process of fossilisation and presented by using transparent labels. These label treatments includes the overlaying of the transparent label onto “almost” still life objects onto a glass bottle; thus creating a see-through effect almost similar to translucent fossilised resin.

Pairings of food with honey were experimented, conceptualised and complimented with not-so-common pairings of granola, caramelised crème brûlée popcorn, almonds, thyme, blueberries and rustic Bâtard.

Self Initiated Project /  STUDIO: Oddds / Format: Packaging Design / Year: 2015 / Creative & Art Direction: Reinold Lim

Salt&Wood: Salt&Wood is an experimental zine that collects our manifesto and perspectives on topics of discussion that ranges from the raw imperfections in anomaly, design, randomosity and a celebration of the uncommon.

The first issue introduces Oddds on a cognitive level – our methodology in our craft and beliefs. Printed on uncoated paper, each issue is filled with a subject topic, photography, graphics and typography.

Self Initiated Project / STUDIO: Oddds / Format: Zine / Year: 2014 / CREDITS: Creative & Art Direction by Reinold Lim