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Santi Lawrachawee started off his graphic design career in 1994 and has been working with several top design companies in Thailand. He later co-found the communication design studio, PRACTICAL Design Studio in 2004.
During his time with PRACTICAL, Santi acted as design director in creating visual identity for many top organizations, such as Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), to name a few. In 2011 he was assigned to be a design consultant for Royal Institute to revamp the Royal Thai Dictionary to be used as an official dictionary in Thailand. He and PRACTICAL were also invited to design the cover of ‘typographics ti; type trip to Bangkok’, a magazine by Japan Typography Association. He was also the design director for “Show Me Thai” exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo in 2007 in the occasion of 120th anniversary of Japan-Thailand diplomatic relation.
Santi was among one of the most invited speakers in the graphic design filed. He was invited to speak at national and international stages such as Bangkok International Typographic Symposium 2013, Granshan Design and Identity Conference 2014 in Munich, Germany and Asian Cross Creative Forum Vol.1 (2015) in Osaka, Japan.
In 2009, he and his Studio initiated the project ‘I am a Thai graphic designer exhibition’, together with Thai Graphic Designer Association. The exhibition aimed to promote collaboration among graphic designers and to uplift the status of graphic designers in the societies, in which over 1,146 works from various graphic designers across the country were submitted. In 2010, he curated the paper design exhibition ‘Paper Matter’ for Antalis (Thailand) at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. In the same year, he organized a graphic design forum ‘Somewhere Thai’ where 50 speakers shared their viewpoint on “Thainess” in their design works. In 2011, when Thailand was faced with serious flooding, he was the co-curator for ‘Let’s Panic’ the idea of the exhibition was to present the work that linked to how we handled disasters situation. In 2015, he was awarded Designer of the year in Graphic Design category from Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce.
Santi’s work have been showcased in solo and group exhibitions for a decade. His works have been exhibited in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.
Besides being a designer and consultant, he spends a lot of his time teaching at Thailand’s most prestigious university such as Chulalongkorn University, Rangsit University and Bangkok University. Working for education institutions made him realize that a designer’s role is not limited by commercial value, rather, his experience should be shared to enhance various field of the design.



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