Rogerger Ng

Rogerger Ng


Rogerger Ng did his Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010.
He has participated in a number of exhibitions including Four Dimensions – Contemporary Photography from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau, Post-Straight: Contemporary Hong Kong Photography at the Hong Kong International Photo Festival in 2010 and 2012 respectively, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards in 2013, and HK-SZ Design Biennale in 2014.

Yaumatei Gardener Series: Seeding Hong Kong Magazine & 2015 Calendar of Yaumatei Gardener: Interested in food waste issue and developing environmental-friendly planting models, YMTG aims to feed plants with leftover and transform the community by growing plants. Featuring the local stories of urban farming, Yaumatei Gardener published their first zine ‘Seed of Yaumatei’. It introduces various concepts and ways of urban farming to arouse public attention on the issues of land, food and community. With urban farming as theme, we used street culture as our key visual element in the magazine’s design.

The Calendar of YMTG 2015 contains the information of urban farming and we visualize the tips and reminder of which, like 24 Solar Terms and Food-waste tips, by simple graphic in order to encourage the farming culture in Hong Kong.

Client: Yaumatei Gardener (YMTG) /Format: Editorial & Calendar design / Year: 2014 – 2015
Rogerger’s Catalogue of Parallel Visions: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition also won the Best Book Design 2013, jointly presented by Eslite and City Magazine (HK). His work Civil Poster received the Gold Award (Poster-Thematic), Hong Kong Best and Judge’s Choice at the Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Awards 2013 and Gold Award (Ideology category) and Judges Awards of Hong Kong International Poster Triennial in 2014. In the same year, he also received the Young Design Talent Award presented by Hong Kong Design Centre, and and will now be undertaking overseas work exchange programme at renowned design companies.
His works reveal a surreal and irrational approach that draws especially on the “twisted phenomena of the contemporary society”. He believes that design is not just limited to commercial use; it can even speak for the society and inspire social innovation.

Poster title could not be printed subject to publication restrictions: In 2014, my politically sensitive work was being erased when showcased in a catalogue published in Mainland China. The wording ‘The image could not be printed subject to publication restrictions’ written in simplified chinese characters, which is commonly used in China, was the only thing left on my pages.

Few months later, I was invited to create a poster about the cultural difference between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the 1st Hong Kong – Shenzhen Design Biennale. Inspired from the experiences of being censored in Mainland China, I express my discontent to the oppression of Creativity Freedom, which is also a major difference in two cities, through self-censoring my own poster.

Self initiated project / Format: Poster / Year: 2014

Parallel Vision: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition – Parallel Vision: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition, organized by HKIPF, was one of the major exhibitions in HKIPF 2012. Despite the cultural differences of Japan & Korea, they share the same vision. This was represented by the coastlines of Japan and Korea on the front and back cover of the exhibition catalogue. To add in the poetic essence of the photographs in the design of the catalogue, some pages of texts were printed on vellum paper. By interlacing the translucent page and the photograph on the next page, a new vision could be formed.

Client: Hong Kong International Photo Festival (HKIPF) / Format: Book Design / Year: 2013

Around Sound Art Festival 2014 Japan & Hong Kong: Around 2014 is a sound art festival organized by soundpocket, a local Art organization. In Around 2014, Hong Kong based artists are invited to travel to Amino, Kyoto for a residency, in which they will explore sound and space in Amino together with Japanese artists around this small city on the coast of the Sea of Japan. With ‘homecoming’ and ‘cultural exchange’ as the key concept of the festival, we visualize the relationship between soundpocket (Hong Kong) and Amino with the overlaying collage formed by the symbolic images from two regions.

Client: soundpocket / Format: Visual Identity / Year: 2014