Panuwat Usakulwattana

Cadson Demak

Raised in Nakorn Sri Thammaraj, Thailand, Panuwat Usakulwattana spent most of his childhood with books, films and football. He is Interested in the artworks of all those above subjects Including book cover, movie posters and memorabilia of his favorite football teams.
He pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts in Bangkok University. During his time at college, he and his friends set up a group which worked on projects related to graphic design, music video, TV commercials, etc. During college, Panuwat also did a project based on the study of the font for people who have dyslexia. His project won the first prize at the Degree Show 2012, and was presented on the stage of BITS MMXII symposium in BITS10 minute session.

BITSMMXIV: The first and only typographic & type design conference in South East Asia. Organized by Cadson Demak in association with TAB and ThaiGa, with support from Goethe Institute and British Council. The conference primarily focuses on typographic design and type design community. Participants get variety of inspirations from notable designers from USA, France, Germany, Japan and Local guest speakers.

Client: BITS (Bangkok International Typographic Symposium) (Non-profit organization) / studio: Cadson Demak / Format: Key visual and Promotional Items / Year: 2014 / Project Director: Anuthin Wongsunkakon
After his graduation, he worked at Conscious design firm where he was responsible for taking care of a local festival project for a department store called Ngan Wad Loy Fa. He then joined Cadson Demak as a full-time graphic designer where he mainly worked on logos, lettering and printing. After two years at Cadson Demak, he increasingly got interested in Type, and started raising awareness on the importance of Type as a communication element. He then started working both as a Type and Graphic Designer while exploring the relationship between the two.
Meanwhile, he also wrote an article on Typography and Type Design for, and eventually took over as the main editor for the online library.

Jettana: “Jettana” consists of group of young people studied on communication design at Bangkok University. we work in diverse field of creativity such as Film, Music video, Graphic design, and motion graphic. ‘concept’ is considered as our priority on finding a way to communicate. Additionally, we place importance on every meaning that going to appear, and keep finding a unique challenging way to create our tasks to express meaning, feeling, And inspiration.

Client: Jettana Films / Format: Branding and Logotype / Year : 2013
In the early 2015, he was involved in establishing Totem, a project that aims to give young designers an opportunity to enhance their Type Design skills. The ultimate goal of Totem is to lift up the Thai Type Design industry in the future.

Sukhumvit Dot

Foundry: Cadson Demak /Studio: Cadson Demak / Format: Typeface design / Year : 2013 Technician: Suppakit Chalermlarp / Project director: Anuthin Wongsunkakon, Smich Smanloh  

๑๐๑010: ๑๐๑010, From basic typography to digital font. Brief learning how type works. A special talk under the project CAMPUS TOUR 2014 organised by Cadson Demak in association with TAB.

Client: ๑๐๑010 Campus tour (Non-profit organization) / Studio: Cadson Demak / Format: Key visual and Promotional posters / Year: 2014 / Project Director: Anuthin Wongsunkakon