Lim Ming Chew

During his younger days, Lim Ming Chew wanted to either be a scientist or a researcher. Looking back, he now believes that becoming a designer was actually a sound career choice as this profession has helped him acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge, and eventually made him a better person.
When his design journey started in New Zealand, he had about three years to gather his personal beliefs and ideas. Even to this day, he stands by his personal design manifesto – Adapt. Change. Evolve.

COMPENDIUM OF RESEARCH 2009 – 2010: The colourful circular wheel on the cover conveys the definition of a compendium — a collection of concise but detailed information about a subject. It is colour coded as a visualization of the content within the book, subtly drawing a relation to how data and statistics are commonly presented in graphs and charts. Each ring of the wheel represents a chapter and is further segregated into sections with different colours and varying sizes proportionate to the subject’s coverage in the book.

CLIENT: Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy / studio: Trine / Format: Publication / Year: 2011
More often than not, his work is a reflection of thoughts and answers to situations that he has experienced in his life. He believes that any work based on thoughts has soul, which is why a solid piece of design will speak to just about anyone. He also believes that the very best design isn’t a job – it’s an attitude. It is about failing one hundred times to succeed once, and while challenges can be tough to deal with, the rewards can be immense.

ANTALIS SINGAPORE 2013 RED PACKETS: AA red packet done to showcase “ArjoWiggins” Curious Metallic paper in a different light. With 2013 being the year of the Water Snake, the red packet was designed to be formless like a body of water and mesmerizing as the scale patterns found on a snake. An isometric triangle grid was used as a base which was then scored to allow it to be folded into any shape.

CLIENT: Antalis Singapore / studio: Trine / Format: Packaging Design / Year: 2012

STAMFORD CELLARS STATIONARY: A branding project for a new wine storage company, where the challenge was to communicate the sophistication and exclusiveness of the business to potential clients.

CLIENT: Stamford Cellars / studio: Trine / Format: Corporate Identity / Year: 2012

NCS GALLERY VIDEO UI: A series of UI assets for videos being showcased in the gallery.

CLIENT: NCS / studio: DW Communications / Format: Video, Gallery Space / Year: 2014