Lau Shu Hui

Lau Shu Hui came from a fine art background and for the longest time, fine arts is what she wanted to pursue as a career. However, when hindered by too many obstacles, she decided to take a plunge into the world of design. In 2006, she found her way into the relatively new School of Art, Design and Media in NTU. She studied Visual Communications there and picked up everything on graphic design from scratch. Her passion and love for typography started from there.

The Paperweight Awards: Named after the small, heavy object that keeps papers in place, The Paperweight Awards were created in honour of those who have given the most creative weight to Antalis’ collection of papers through design and print. A whimsical circus themed visual direction was the answer to the variety of creatives with unique skills and talents whom The Paperweight Awards target to reach out to. Enter the ring and watch this inaugural paper award transform into a grand show of talents in celebration of Asia’s heavyweights in the creative industry.

Format: Branding, Web, Print Collaterals (items include invitation package, event invite and booth design till date) / Year: 2013 – 2014
Soon after graduation, she joined Yellow Octopus (YO) which provided her the space to learn, experiment and execute exciting and unconventional works like the Perfection in Imperfection/Imperfection in Perfection cookbook.
Shu likes to stay active in smaller independent projects and shows. Octopia, a bespoke font she designed for YO’s 15th Anniversary and rebranding, was showcased at Glyphwerk Vol I in 2013.

Perfection in Imperfection / Imperfection in Perfection: ‘Perfection in Imperfection / Imperfection in Perfection’ is a cookbook designed for Pastry Chef Janice Wong from 2am:dessert bar. Building on the theme, the FInal product is a black open-spine book with hand crumpled and individually torn covers that piece together the words ‘perfection’ and ‘imperfection’. Inside, full bleed close-up photographs were exploited and printed in full colour on uncoated paper to complement the textures and raw beauty of Janice’s creations. No two books are alike, just as Janice’s food art is, inspired by nature, perfectly imperfect.

Format: Book Design / Year: 2011
After a fruitful four-year stint at YO, she is currently on an adventure to try out new things, visit new places and meet new people.

The End is Near, A New Beginning is Here: The Mayans predicted that the world will end in 2012. Playing on this idea, Yellow Octopus created a poster calendar, “The End is Near” that marks the end of the year and Yellow Octopus’ old identity. Yet amidst the gloomy cover, a hidden liner reveals “A New Beginning is Here”. YO believes that simply by changing our perspectives, we can FInd new meanings that were previously unnoticed. True seeing happens when we start believing.

Format: Packaging, Christmas Project / Year: 2011