Zhi Ying & Zhi Ling

Kongsi Design

We kongsi ideas;
We share different perspectives and aesthetics
We kongsi tangan;
We get hands dirty in conceptual and experimental processes
We kongsi watak;
We own a personality that is both quirky and dreamy
We kongsi dream;
We are two halves that make a whole
The Cheong sisters, Zhiling and Zhiying, founders of Kongsi Design, believe in getting their hands dirty in concepts and experimental processes. They believe that conceptual thinking is fundamental as creating visuals without a soul is merely styling.
Both the sisters have different perspectives and aesthetics towards design, and they embrace these differences in their work.
Their studio name – Kongsi – is the Malay word for sharing, the act for the purpose of joy, happiness and fun.



Precious Moment: The album packaging was inspired by interaction between Precious team members, in which Origami comes into play, integrating and compacting all information, introducing them by each revelation of the fold outs . Precious’ EP song title “Zhi Jie Wen Wo” (translation: Ask me bluntly). The Chinese character for “ask” 问 rhymes with “kiss” 吻 ) was the inspiration behind the lipstick mark as our main design element, mainly used at the hook of the packaging. Yellow plays its part in showing the girls’ bold attitude on love, showcasing the fresh, young, energetic and eye-catching Precious.

Client: Easternworld Music & Jam Records / studio: kongsi design / Format: album design / Year: 2015 / photography: parrot kreative / portfolio shot: raymond pung / design: zhi ying, zhi ling and Sean Lee Wei Siong

3quartercup Cold Brew: 3quartercup is a coffee bar that serves specialty coffee in various brewing methods. The name ‘3 quarter cup’ is the ideal beverage-to-cup ratio: it is essentially complete, yet leaves room for possibilities in coffee, imagination and life. There is no special technique or secret ingredient to be added to the value of coffee. We adapted the honesty and simplicity into the cold brew packaging design, by sharing the bits and pieces of knowledge and information about coffee, with the use
of infographic.

Client: BUTBO group / studio: kongsi design / Format: packaging design / Year: 2015 / copywriting: david leong & toccata studio / portfolio shot: raymond pung / design: zhi ying and zhi ling

Restless Heart – Janet Lee: Restless Heart seeks to communicate a state of mind. It is a representation of her music career in a nutshell; a condensation of many stories; a dream. Stripping off a glamorous coating that envelopes our Jazz queen, we chose to reveal her much more raw and charming side. It’s our first impression of her, honest and approachable, professional but not without a slight touch of quirkiness. Water ripple and waves are the main inspiration behind the art direction, also our visual interpretation of the idea, “restless”, all of these a true representation of her ups and downs.

Client: BUTBO group / agency: kongsi design / Format: album design / Year: 2015 / copywriting: janet lee – Souldoc Productions,  / photography: Jimmy Ang and Wong Horng Yih / portfolio shot: raymond pung / design: zhi ying and zhi ling

写给 志海的 第二章《我华丽的躯壳》For Chee Heai, Chapter 2 “My Gorgeous Body”: A love letter to Chee Heai and a dialogue with his own feelings. The body is the embodiment of art; a perfect work of art; the most basic form of artwork. It is also one’s own artistic instrument. Using my own body and surreal photography in dream-like settings, I portrayed my desire, self-mockery, death, darkness and light. Sight is the main element inside the Dreamland. Projecting a suppressed desire on an artwork aims to camouflage a particular idea, impulse or emotion, mixing and blending different elements into a single image. It is a visually written dialogue with the inner being. Through visualizing abstract ideas, I am more assured that after a lamentation comes the silence. I feel that I need to explore myself and look at my inner being through the body and contemplate the secret codes inside.

Client: Liew Chee Heai / studio: kongsi design / Format: exhibition design / Year: 2014 / copywriting: Lostgens’ / photography: Liew Chee Heai / portfolio shot: raymond pung / design: zhi ying and zhi ling