Kevin Thio

Yellow Octopus

Kevin Thio is the managing director of Yellow Octopus Pte Ltd. His contributions to the Singapore and Regional design scene include speaking to youth at tertiary institutions and conferences, and being a judge on several design competition panels. Yellow Octopus has also gained local and international recognition including Best of Show at the HOW International Design Awards 2012 and Red Dot Award 2012 in the Communication Design Category.
Kevin believes that design fulfills more than aesthetic needs and is a means to inspire lives. At Yellow Octopus, he created a space where creatives are loved and their potential is celebrated. With his team, Kevin continually seeks to protect a culture of joy and spontaneity that is contagious and permeates any apathy. This all stems from the belief that beyond theory and technical prowess, true value lies in the instinct for wanting to make everyday more meaningful.
Even in the corporate realm, according to Kevin, design has the ability to elevate routine operations by syncing them with the company’s soul. No task is too small for design to create a positive impact. Every touch point is an opportunity for people to connect with a better, brighter “what if”. Purposeful design helps to make clients’ vision tangible and every stakeholder’s sense of ownership personal.




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