Jim Wong

Jim Wong

Good Morning

Hailing from the 80s generation, Jim Wong is a Hong Kong based graphic designer. He co-founded the creative workshop Good Morning which specializes in identity, promotion, exhibitions, prints, and publication.
His works have been selected at HKDA Global Design Award, Tokyo TDC Award Annual, and published in various international design magazines and publications.

Perfection is Not Concrete: We were invited to participate the NUMBERS exhibition, showcasing the work toward the meaning of numbers in our daily life. A rough but contemporary types has been created using concrete and cement.

Client: Pengguin / Studio: Good Morning / Format: Typography / Year: 2012 / Design Director& Designer: Jim Wong, Karman Keung
Jim believes that aesthetic beauty is not the be-all and end-all of good design. Good design, according to him, should also communicate the essence of social message and spread positive values which eventually can contribute to human happiness.


Voice of Good Morning: Using graphic as a tool to transform the intangible concept into a tangible substance, 11 booklets has been designed according to different topics related to morning.

Self Initiated Project / Studio: Good Morning / Format: Publication / Year: 2012

Multilogue:Exhibition design for the graduation show of BA (Hons) Graphic Design. The theme MULTILOGUE means multi-dialogue. Words related to design process, inspirations and attitudes have been hidden in the main visuals represented by typography, and thus all these elements come together to form the unique graphic in different promotions.

Client: HKU SPACE , Middlesex University / Studio: Good Morning / Format: Event Identity / Year: 2012

HKDA GDA Biannual: Publication design for HKDA Global Design Award (GDA) biannual, collaboration work with design studio Milkxhake.

Client: HKDA / Studio: Good Morning X Milkxhake / Format: Publication / Year: 2014