Eddie Yui-Chung Wong

Eddie Yui-Chung Wong

CoDesign Ltd

Eddie Yui-Chung Wong graduated in 2012 in the field of Visual Communications from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design.
He is now working at CoDesign Ltd. in Hong Kong, and is currently involved in a personal project that investigates ‘sound’ in a tangible format.

一树 Trees: Awakening: Trees: Awakening is a book that aims to inspire thoughts through sensory reading experience, to develop a positive attitude for nature by understanding a tree. Reinterpreting Chinese characters in a typographic design with textured papers communicates how trees sustain their lives. All can be seen and felt with the quality of paper-smooth, rough, thick, thin-when readers interact with various kinds of design elements that arouse the emotions and feelings.

Thesis Project / Format: Book Design / Year: 2013 / CRedIT: Esther Liu
Eddie is reflective in his approach and always eager to venture outside his comfort zone. He has the ability to handle both the content and aesthetics of a given design problem.
He believes that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to take design for granted. He also believes that if we look at everything around us, including ourselves, without any preconceived notions, we get to cultivate our inner purity which becomes a personal experience–to practice, not to believe. The more ideas we carry around us, the less chance we have for gaining new insights.


On the ground:  “It is a continuous project about holding on and letting go.” It is an experimental project that extends my project “Trees: Awakening” with three dimensional soil processing. Chinese characters are composed by different types of strokes, every stroke has a meaning behind it.

A set of new chinese characters were created using soil as a medium in a pure way, stroke by stroke, composing the characters by hands while interacting with soil. The five characters represent Soil, Earth, Tree Trunk, Leaves and when combined together.

Self Initiated Project / Year: 2013 – Present

Happiness in Movie: ”Cheer up! My dear.” Movie, a moment that gives you strength. We believe that happiness arise from sharing. Combining thoughtful movies, meaningful dialogues and softy touch though solid color illustrations give rise to understanding, it is not only a movie character or just a sentence, but a meaningful state of mind.


Co-Founded with Yoko Chor-Kiu Wong / Illustration: Yoko Chor-Kiu Wong / Year: 2013